Asian Americans for Equality to promote the 2020 Census

Stars Youth Charity Club is partnering with Asian Americans for Equality to promote the 2020 Census through their recent poster contest. The 2020 census is held every decade to reshape the future of citizens within the U.S. and drive new policy-making accordingly. STARS wants to raise awareness amongst Asian Americans to participate in the Census in order to help them shape and strengthen their community in terms of public services, construction, education, healthcare, students, seniors, and more.


Star Youth Club Helped Kids in Solution For Change Program at Visa by Donating Brand-new Household Items

在Vista 有一家Solutions For Change ,是一家非盈利的公益組織,幫助、收留一些無家可歸有孩子的家庭,這些人自愿通過毒品测试,愿意学习生活技能,回归正常生活的家庭。Star Youth Club 用筹集到的资金购买了14箱全新的生活用品捐助给Solutions For Change ,愿这些家庭早日走上全新的生活.

Star Youth Club Congratulates Xingjian Dance Studio Performance Team Seniors

@🎉🍾🍁🎉🎈🎈热烈祝贺三个今年高中毕业的performance Team 的大孩子: Ellie Feng ,Faith Zhang , Jasmine Zhang , 她们分别被自己心仪的名牌大学录取: Ellie Feng : MIT(麻省理工大学),Faith Zhang Stanford (斯坦福大学), Jasmine Zhang   USC (南加州大学)。
这三个孩子分别在6、7岁的时候就在我们Studio 学习中国舞,希望到了大学之后,像以往毕业的孩子一样,继续在大学学习舞蹈,传播中国舞蹈文化。🍁🍁🍁